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Common computer problems and solutions
What do I do if my computer will not start?
If none of the computers display lights go on when you press the power switch and your computer was running previously and shut down correctly, it is possible that the power cord is loose, the electric outlet or power strip is faulty or possibly someone inadvertently turned off the power from a wall switch or power strip. In the extreme case, the power supply or motherboard may have failed due to wear and/or surges from electricity.

Start by verifying that the power strip or wall outlets is turned on and that it has power. If this is not the problem then unplug the computers power cord from the computer and plug it back in regardless if it seems to be okay. Press the power button on the computer. If the computer starts great, your in business. If you tried all of these things and the computer does not turn on, than it is probably a faulty power supply. The first thing to remember is that just because the computer was fine the night before does not mean that the power supply could not have died during the computers shutdown process.

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