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 * Complete computer systems built to order.
We build computer systems to suit your needs using only the best products available. We prefer to use only ASUSTek Computer Inc. motherboards because of their superior design, long life, and superior technical and driver support. We prefer to use Intel P4 processors, but can build using any processor you would like to use. You can choose a small 40 Gigabyte hard drive or a large 120 Gigabyte hard drive, but we suggest you choose from the Western Digital or Maxtor brands because of their superior warrantee and MTBF (mean time before failure). Although you can use any video card you like when you ask us to build your system, our experience is to use only ATI and NVidia video cards because these are the very best on the market for graphics and extreme gaming . Call us with all your questions. We will be happy to discuss with you any of your purchasing needs.

 * On site service, repair and upgrades.
We offer on site service, repair and upgrades. Normally you would need a service contract to get this kind of service, but we will come to your home or business to service, repair or upgrade your computer(s). Our hourly fee is reasonable and it does not matter if you bought the computer or components from someone else. In addition to our excellent service, we use only the most reliable parts and back every component we sell and install with the industry standard 1 year warrantee or up to 3 years of warranted by the manufacturer.. In the event any in warrantee device fails and proves to be defective because of materials and/or workmanship, we will take care of all exchanges, returns and reinstallation. Your only liability will be the shipping and handling costs to the manufacturer.

 * Visit our online store for all of your computer, digital, software and
     gaming needs.

You can shop for all of your computer, digital, software and gaming needs without ever leaving your home through our secure online store. We have all the newest hardware and software at very competitive pricing. Answers to questions and support are just a click away or if you prefer, you can call us.    Shop Online Shop Online
 * Complete Networks for the  business or home.
We can build your Local Area Network to fit your needs using the best internet gateway available in your area. The choices available for your LAN gateway are T1, DSL, or Cable.

For personal use, we recommend the use of Optimum Online where it is available because Optimum Online provides the fastest speeds available for a reasonable monthly fee. If Optimum Online is not an option, we can use DSL for economy or a T1 line if you require very fast speeds.

For businesses that require heavy usage, fast access times and Static IP addresses, we recommend using a T1 line for your gateway. For businesses that do not require Static IP addresses we recommend Optimum Online if it is available in your area.
 * Technical Support - Questions are welcome!Contact Us
Whether you have purchased from us or not, you can always call for some friendly answers to your questions. We beileive that if you have confidence in us as service and hardware providers you will become dedicated customers. Our on site services are only available to our neighbors on Long Island and N.Y.C., but we will be glad to provide the telephone support you need on any product purchased from us. You can call us whether it is for installation instructions for a product you purchased or with a problem you need to solve, just pick up the telephone and call (631)368-7405, ask for Scott.
 * Within the next few weeks we will be adding a do-it yourself page to
     our site.
On this part of our site we will include detailed how-to instructions along with pointers on how to repalce or upgrade system components such as hard drives, DVD and CD-Rom drives, Motherboards and Processors. In addition, we will explain everything you need to know in order to install, configure, and maintain a home or busiiness network, along with detailed lists and recommendations on the proper components to use for expansion into the future. You will be able to find this section in the support page of this web site.Support

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