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What computer should I buy if I do not have a lot of money to spend?
Getting the best for the lowest price should be a given, but do not ever sacrifice just to get something. Make an educated decision. Always remember that the most important part of a computer is the main system board or motherboard. Always start out with a motherboard that can accommodate newer and faster processors as they become available and/or more cost effective. The manufacturer of the motherboard should also provide bios, firmware, and software updates as time goes by. As new hardware and software comes to market some motherboards need a fix in order to use the new technology and this is the reason why updates are very important. You can check the support given by a computer manufacturer by simply going on the web, searching for the manufacturers home page and choose support. and then choose the link for downloads or software & downloads. Look for Bios  and/or Firmware and check to see if the manufacturer is keeping the consumer current with fixes and updates. Finally, the case should be well made with room for additional internal and external devices and the case should accomodate any standard power supply just in case it has to be replaced or upgraded in the future. If you follow these guidelines you will not have to make and concessions in the future because of the wrong decision you make now because of monetary reasons?

What is the motherboard?
The motherboard is the main system board that is mounted in the computers case. All of your components and accessories are plugged into the motherboard and are controlled by the motherboard. This is the most important component in the computer besides of course the processor and the memory modules.

What motherboard should I want in my computer?
Since the motherboard is so important, I recommend the best. To me, the best brand is ASUStek, for the service and reliability. Of course, if you choose not to build a system and want to buy a name brand, you will not have a choice in the motherboard that is used in the computer system and in this case I recommend Compaq / Hewlet Packard or Dell.

I hear a lot of talk about processors and speed. What should I get?
My choice is to always use the boxed version of the Intel Pentium 4 processors. The boxed version comes with a much longer warrantee than the tray version and on the boxed version the fan and heat sink is assembled and warrenteed by Intel. If spending the least amount of money possible is your goal, you could use an Intel Celeron processor, although I still prefer to use the Pentium 4. It's worth the extra bucks in the long run. I usually do not suggest using the newest processor to hit the market because although it is the fastest, it is also not cost efficient. New processors are always pricey when they first come out and to upgrade to a faster processor at a later time will save you a bundle.  Hence the reason for my instructions on what computer to buy.

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